Senate Should Suspend Buhari And Osinbajo

Reacting to the removal of Justice Onoghen as CJN by President Buhari, Lagos-based Lawyer, David Agu Esq., in a humorous, but interesting, post on Facebook, has urged the Nigerian Senate to suspend President Buhari and his Vice, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo.

Read his articulated humor below:

“There’s something called anarchical approach to restoration of order (don’t ask me who propounded that theory. I’m still looking for the person sef).

That is to say, most times, it takes a measure of madness to cure a mad man. Take Psychiatric doctors for example. Oh, you think they’re normal?

Just like I had advised the other day, Senate has announced an emergency reconvening on Tuesday. And here’s what I propose as a grand plan to appease the majority of the Nigerian masses at this time of anger:

NBA should get to any Federal High Court first thing on Monday morning with a motion exparte, praying the court for an order directing the Senate to do all that is necessary to SUSPEND the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and his Vice, pending the restoration of the nascent Nigerian democracy to it’s pre-2015 status quo.

The Senate should then, upon reconvening on Tuesday, move, as a matter of national emergency, to implement the order of the court, and forthwith suspend the President and his Vice, and proceed to swear in the Senate President as Acting Nigerian President.

Note that this does not amount to a breach of the Constitution. No Nigerian law provides for the suspension of the President, but it is trite law that the court can make law through their pronouncements, where loophole exists.

It’s suspended they’ll suspend him…not removal. Haba! Please, if we want to be mad in this country, let’s be adequately mad. Let’s go the full length. I don’t like half-measures”.

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